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Who invented the patches?

Dr John Lyftogt, a specialist in sports injuries from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Who is selling them?

Horopito Limited trading as To Better Days. Horopito Limited is a UK company established to develop and promote Dr Lyftogt’s ideas and discoveries.

Who or what is Horopito?

The Horopito plant is a New Zealand native which is revered for its health-giving properties in Maori culture. It is not an ingredient. The name was chosen because we believe it to be auspicious.

How do they work?

They supply supplements, minerals and nutrients directly to muscles, joints and nerves. Vitamin D and dextrose are the principal ingredients.

Where should I put them?

On dry, unbroken skin directly where the problem is.

Can I cut them into smaller shapes?

You can and that may help their application to, say, toes or knuckles. You will need to use the whole patch to obtain the full dose.

Can I use it with other treatments?

Yes. You shouldn’t need additional Vitamin D supplements if you’re using them.

Are they natural?


Are they vegan?

The patches are vegetarian as Vitamin D is obtained from the lanolin in sheep’s wool.


All the ingredients in the patch are cosmetic-grade with low risk of allergic response. However, if you do notice soreness or inflammation around the area of the patch, remove it and stop use.

Can children use them?

Please consult your doctor before using this product on children.

Can they be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Please consult your doctor before using this product when pregnant or breastfeeding.

How long do they have to stay on?

Until the stamp fades. Usually this takes three to four hours but it depends on temperature and how secure the application.

How long do they last?

At least 24 hours.

Do they cause drowsiness?


Can I use more than one at a time?


Can I use them every day?


Will I have to use them every day?

We would hope not. After a period of use the condition of the nerves should stabilise and the problem be solved.

Can I return them?

Yes for a full refund less postage provided the package seal is not broken.