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Better ways to better days

Our simple-to-use patches offer a drug-free option to provide topical and targeted relief for joints, nerves and migraines.

All our packs can be purchased individually or through our flexible, no-commitment subscription programme which can save you over £100 a year!

If you’re not sure what size joint patch would work best for you, why not give our discounted trial pack a try?

Trial Pack

Patch sizes tried out perfectly


3 large and 6 small patches

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Big joint pack

Best for backs, shoulders and legs.


15 large patches

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Small joint pack

Best for knees, fingers, and ankles


15 small patches

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Migraine patches

Best for temples, forehead and neck


15 mini patches

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and safe

Drug-free, easy to apply, no mess and safe to use with other medications

by science

Patches work directly on the nerves using a patented combination of vitamin D and nutrients aimed at improving nerve health


Get patches straight to your door, wherever you are. Free delivery on orders over £50, subject to location.