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What is To Better Days™?

At To Better Days™, we see pain differently. While some see pain as a consequence of or a symptom of something else, we see it as a condition in its own right. And it’s because we see pain differently, that we will always act differently. Currently, so many people in pain feel silenced, unheard or disbelieved. They are offered solutions that can bring side effects or cannot be used long-term. That’s not right, and it’s something we are on a mission to change.

What do you offer?

To Better Days™ offers innovative, non-medicine alternatives to help those experiencing sustained discomfort. Our easy-to-use adhesive patches contain a patented combination of vitamin D and dextrose to create a topical and targeted option that supports the health of joints, muscles and nerves. Our Migraine Patches contain Vitamin D with added chamomile, lavender and ginger to promote shorter episodes, reduced discomfort and faster bounce-back. Simply apply the patch directly to the source of discomfort for relief within as little as 30 minutes. Made in Britain, our patches are the first of their kind to be available in the UK. For all those experiencing prolonged discomfort, here’s to being on the move, having more ‘get up and go’ and a feeling of freedom. Here’s To Better Days™.

What is the science behind the product?

Each To Better Days™ active patch contains a unique, patented combination of dextrose (13mg) and the vitamin D that naturally forms in the skin through exposure to sunlight (albeit in a higher concentration (30,000IU)). Whilst not a medicine, there is a sound scientific theory that supports the combination of these active ingredients and their proximity to the source of discomfort in delivering the therapeutic effect reported.

The patented combination of vitamin D and dextrose in To Better Days™ active patches is inspired by the 30-year practice of specialist neuropathic doctor, Dr John Lyftogt and his wife, a physical education therapist, Maria Lyftogt. Their work explored using the two ingredients together to progress new, natural and non-addictive ways to treat patients for nerve, muscle and joint ailments in their New Zealand clinic, first by injection and later via a topical cream.

Their research suggested that injecting a 5% dextrose solution subcutaneously in close proximity to the nerve cell endings that signal pain, could alleviate pain quickly and effectively. They later created a topical cream containing a high concentration of vitamin D combined with dextrose that when placed over the nerve interacts with the TRPV-1 receptor, which they believe eases pain.

Building on Dr Lyftogt’s discoveries, To Better Days™ active patches seek to make this treatment more widely accessible to all.

What scientific evidence is there to support the relationship between Vitamin D and pain?

The link between vitamin D and pain is well-established. Medical students have long been taught about the vitamin by the mnemonic ‘bones, moans and groans’: it aids bone growth, it improves mood (moans) and has long been noted as having a beneficial impact on pain (groans). There’s no shortage of research to support that vitamin D can be delivered effectively through the skin (epidermis).

In January 2020, we carried out a consumer study* with pain sufferers to better understand how To Better Days™ can help: 83% reported that the patches helped with their pain, of which 80% felt a difference within the first day of usage. 63% noticed a difference within just 30 minutes of the first application.

We are committed to furthering dedicated research in this area and is investing in the independent UK based clinical trials to support and further substantiate the positive benefits of its patches.

* To Better Days™ consumer study of 29 people carried out across one week during January 2020.

How do the ingredients from the patch absorb into the body transdermally/topically?

There is sufficient research to show that vitamin D releases into the skin transdermally i.e. when using a patch.

The nociceptors, the specific receptors which give out pain signals, are located at skin level, fractions of a millimetre away from the surface, so targeted transdermal delivery of nutrients directly to the nociceptors makes sense.

Transdermal delivery provides what we need where we need it with less waste in between. Anything oral must be absorbed and metabolised through the digestive system and only then circulate throughout the body in the bloodstream. This is wasteful as much is lost in the first-pass effect of metabolism. In addition, there is an increased risk of side effects with oral delivery compared to transdermal delivery as there can be higher drug peak concentrations. Skin, on the other hand, absorbs gradually and consistently throughout time, meaning lower peak concentrations. We are committed to furthering research in this area and is are investing in independent UK based clinical trials to support and further substantiate the positive benefits of its patches.

What about evidence linking excess vitamin D to raised calcium levels?

Whilst there is evidence to suggest that orally consuming vitamin D at 40,000 IU can result in hypercalcemia (calcium levels in the blood serum exceeding 2.6 mml/L), there is no recorded evidence for toxicity as a result of transdermal absorption. The dose of vitamin D provided by each ToBetterDaysTM active patch is less than the 40,000 IU threshold (30,000 IU), and the type of vitamin D provided is cholecalciferol, the form naturally made in the skin through exposure to the sun, which is in turn regulated by the body’s own mechanisms to help ensure that overdosing on vitamin D3 by photo-exposure alone, does not occur.

Can you experience vitamin D toxicity at the dosage level that the patches contain?

We have conducted independent trials that show our patches are safe for daily use (tested to a 60 day period).

Will the patches cure me?

We acknowledge chronic pain is a complex condition. Our patches are a non-medicine, drug-free alternative to enable more freedom and “get up and go” for those experiencing sustained discomfort. We are not classified as medicine.

Can the patches be used during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding?

Please consult your GP before using our active patches if you are either pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can the patches be used for children?

Please consult your GP before using this product on children under the age of 18.

Do the patches cause drowsiness?

No, our active patches do not contain any ingredients that can cause drowsiness.

Are there any restrictions for use?

The patches are not to be applied on broken skin or on top of any medicinal gels or creams.

They are a non-medicinal alternative that does not interfere with any orally administered medications or transdermal patches and are not known to interfere with pre-existing conditions. However, if you have any concerns or doubts, please consult your GP.

Do you have any independent reviews?

If you are interested in seeing our independent reviews, please head over to our Trustpilot.

How long have the patches been available for?

To Better Days active patches have been available to buy in the UK through our brand website since January 2020.