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How much are the patches?

We have 3 types of active joint packs: Small Joint (for fingers, wrists, ankles and knees – 15 small patches) for £14.99; Large Joint (for back, legs and shoulders – 15 large patches) for £18.99; and as a Trial Pack (3 large and 6 small patches) for £7.99. Our migraine patches are £12.99 for 15 patches (all exclusive of VAT).

Do you have a subscription option available?

Yes we have a subscription option available which offers 10% off each order as well as free delivery which can save you up to £110 a year on full size packs. You can cancel at any time

What is the trial pack?

The trial pack is an easy and cost-effective way to try our patches. The pack includes 6 small patches and 3 large ones so you can try out which size suits you best.

Does buying a trial pack commit me to anything ongoing?

No. There are no commitments, tie ins or obligations when you buy a trial pack and there are no charges from creating an account with us. We only ask for an account as we limit the purchase of the Trial Packs to 3 per customer as they are discounted.