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Joint and muscle patches

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Joint and muscle patches

Who are the joint patches for?

Our active patches are intended for all adults who are experiencing some form of sustained discomfort, whether that’s joint, nerve or muscle-related.

We have received positive feedback from those with conditions such as sciatica (lower back), arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulders, tennis elbow, post-operative pain, localised neuropathic pain, ankylosing spondylitis, tender meets bone, shingles, neuropathy/nerve pain, lupus, “trapped nerves”, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), slipped disk and other chronic pain conditions.

How do the joint patches work?

Our active patches are designed to support the health of joints, muscles and nerves. The unique, patented combination of dextrose and vitamin D contained within each patch offers a natural, topical and targeted means of localised relief on the area. The vitamin D contained within our active patches is the same type of vitamin D (cholecalciferol) that our body naturally produces from exposure to the sun. Simply apply the patch onto clean, dry and unbroken skin at the source of discomfort, for controlled, transdermal delivery of the active ingredients.

There are two factors that we believe contribute to the relief experienced: our proprietary formula’s higher concentration levels of the active ingredients and closeness of contact with the source of discomfort. Combined, our active patch offers a greater chance to reach the nociceptors (also called pain receptors) beneath the skin, which are the nerve endings associated with pain. There is strong evidence from research that vitamin D reduces markers of inflammation, and the delivery of vitamin D and dextrose directly through the skin allows for high levels of vitamin D at the nerve endings. Dextrose  provides sugars to the area that acts as a ‘cell food’.

What are the ingredients in the active joint patches?

The active joint patches have only two ingredients, vitamin D (30,000 IU) and dextrose (13 mg), both of which are natural ingredients. Both small and large patches contain the same amount of ingredients. Vitamin D, which is proven to help maintain normal bones and muscle function, has been reported to have a beneficial effect on chronic pain. Dextrose is a form of glucose and provides energy to the cells.

What size should I choose for the active joint patches?

For our active joint patches, both sizes have the same amount of ingredients. We recommend small patches for hands, feet, toes, fingers, ankles and any other small, sensitive or likely to chafe areas. Big patches are best for larger areas like back, shoulders or knees.

If you are unsure which size will suit you best, you can order our trial pack that contains 3 large and 6 small patches.

How are the patches different from using pain relief medications?

Our patches differ from pain relief medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen as they offer a localised targeted solution that is a drug and importantly, side effect free. The patches deliver our patented combination of vitamin d and dextrose transdermally, that is through the skin, targeting discomfort directly at its source. This means they also bypass the stomach so are suitable for those with IBS or those who can’t take or don’t like taking pills.

How are the patches different from using heating/cooling patches or gels?

Our patches differ from heating and cooling patches and gels. The patches deliver our patented combination of vitamin D and dextrose transdermally, targeting discomfort directly at its source by helping to regenerate the nerves. Heating and cooling products simply block the feeling of pain or simply reduce inflammation without necessarily doing anything at the source.