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Big Joint Pack

Unit Quantity
15 Big patches

£22.79(£18.99 excluding VAT)

These large patches – perfect for big, flat areas, offer long-lasting benefits to your joints and muscles and nerves. Use them for up to 24 hours by applying them directly to where you experience discomfort.

You also have the option of our small joint pack for smaller surface areas.

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15 Big patches

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Giving you a patented combination of nutrients and vitamins where you most need it, our active patches are easy to use, fast-acting, working in as little as 30 minutes.


  • -Apply to clean, dry skin.
  • -Apply directly to the affected area.
  • -Apply for at least 8 hours – the longer the better although no longer than 24hours
  • -The activation mark will disappear once the patch starts working.
  • -Peel off after use, removing any residue with warm soapy water.


For external use only. Do not use on broken or irritated skin or if you have an allergy to sticking plasters. If irritation occurs, limit use to max 3 hours and avoid direct heat or sleeping with the patch on. Do not apply the patch on top of medication rubbed into the skin. It can be used with medication taken by mouth. Consult a doctor if you are taking any medication or if you have concerns about using this product. If contact with eyes occurs, wash out with cold water. Use only as directed. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Made in the UK: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

This product has been Dermatologically Tested.

Patent protected under US (8821921 B2) and NZ (596015 & 574231). Patent Pending in other territories.

Ingredients: Acrylates Copolymer, Aqua (Water), Dextrose, Phenoxyethanol, Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D).
Gluten, lactose and latex free. Suitable for vegetarians.

Customer Reviews

After my total knee replacement I developed a burning, searing pain along the side of my scar. It was like the worst hot flush ever but in my knee! Cold packs would give me limited comfort but the searing pain always came back. It would keep me awake at night and I couldn't stand anything touching my knee. I decided to try the patch on the knee and was overjoyed that within 15 minutes the searing pain was reduced. With follow-up use of the patches the searing pain and sensitivity in the knee has reduced to minimal episodes of a mildly warm knee. I'm feeling like a human being again, thank you. Tracey of Lyttelton, New Zealand

It has been a long journey but it’s fabulous to now have these patches finally available!

When it was first developed the product was a cream. I’m thrilled to say the patches are just as effective and so much easier - just slap one on and go! They stay on while swimming, showering, overnight... I’m very impressed!
Maria of Cass Bay, New Zealand

Shoulder and neck pain has been a problem for me for years. Some days I wake and both are very sore and stay that way all day or longer and I've often had medication and treatment for a "wry neck". I was recommended by a friend to try a To Better Days patch so I put one on my shoulder one painful morning. I didn't expect much but within an hour the pain and stiffness had gone. I thought that it could have happened anyway as it sometimes does but the same happened the next time I used a patch. I also noticed I had more energy for the day after using the patch. I don't know what's going on but it's made a real difference to my life. Wake up sore, stick on a patch. It's very simple! Cassie of Stoke Newington, UK

With a period of 4-6 weeks of having lower back and hip pain I began the Vitamin D patches. After using them for 8 days my high levels of pain reduced significantly to become an achy back which was much more tolerable. Then suddenly the achy back disappeared. I will certainly be using the patches again if there is a recurrence of any pain. I have ordered more patches!

A big thank you to the team for developing this amazing product.
Pip of Christchurch, New Zealand

I’m a 62 year old male and was having trouble with pain in my left elbow. I put a Vitamin D patch on it overnight from approximately 8pm to 6am the following morning. After the first night the pain was reduced by about 60% and after doing the same the next night for about the same duration the pain has completely gone. Doug of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Estava com muita dor no alto do pė.(tenho artrite e artrose jå diagnosticadas) Incomodava para dormir, ficar parada ou caminhar.Doia sem parar.!!
Coloquei tiras do remėdio(To Better Days) quando fui dormir e coloquei outras ao acordar.
A melhora que senti foi incrivel...
Lucia of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I tried your product soon after launch early this year. I have played racket sports (and some poor golf, occasionally) for most of my life. As I turned 60 a couple of years ago I began experiencing significant wrist pain. While I attempted to persevere, the pain ultimately prevailed, leaving me unable to play. I tried your patches and at first noticed some improvement. However, after wearing them consistently and leaving them on for at least 12 hours, I have been able to resume competitive activities nearly at my previous level! I highly recommend them, both for general discomfort and for getting back to activities where age and associated aches and pains make them difficult to pursue. I will be ordering more soon! Tom Adams, USA

After giving a try to my first patches, I come now with some feedback. Hope you find it useful.

As a bit of background, I’ve been suffering serious pains in a big area (back – lumbar, hips, gluteus, thigh…) for more than 4 years now, without any clear diagnosis, nor solution. I’m a young person, no more than 40 years old when all this started. 6 months ago, I met an excellent doctor, orthopedic surgeon, that is visiting me and recently recommended the patches.

The best of patches is that they are quick and effective.

Awesome! Almost a miracle! Pain is reduced drastically in the first usage. It does not disappear completely, but incredible effect. I used similar components (vitamin D, dextrose) in cream format and the improvement cannot be compared at all.

To improve: the adherence of the patches

For me this is the weak point of patches and it can be frustrating for the ones that start using them and are still not aware of the improvement they will get with these patches. Even if you apply to clean, dry skin, there are lot of additional factors that may make the patch to drop: flat vs. non-flat areas, static vs. non-static areas, heat/sweat/weather conditions…

In order to keep the patch applied for the whole day, in those areas that really it doesn’t keep more than 30/60 minutes, due to being non-flat non-static ones, I mainly tried 2 things:
Fix it with adhesive/surgical tape
Cut it in 2/4 pieces (talking about big patches now) but using all of the pieces in the same area as it was 1 big patch. This isolates the pieces and avoid the early removal of the patch. As an example, in my thigh, the complete patch does not stay, but in 4 pieces it is kept the whole day without issues. This is the optimum way to go I got. (Just to clarify, in the back, the complete patch keeps OK without issues).

So far, I could only test some areas, and few days, so I plan to continue using the patches, as the budget allows it, to try to improve and eventually achieve the complete pain removal, as well as to share the experience with friends & family.
Meribel, UK

Can you cut the big patches into smaller strips? Can you apply more than one patch at once? Thank you so much. Honestly I can’t believe the pain relief they have given me! I have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and they are better than any medication I take for pain! But I do have multiple joint pain so wondered if I could wear more than one patch at a time. Thank you a million times thank you xx Customer, UK

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