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Scientifically Proven Evidence

To Better Days patches are a brand-new product – we understand that you might want to know a bit more about them before you give them a go. Here is the scientific and empirical evidence that proves our patches work.

How do our patches work?

Research shows that low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) is the principal cause of chronic pain (nociceptor ischemia). This means that if glucose can be delivered directly to the specific nerve cells associated with pain and only pain, known as ‘nociceptors’, it will enable the cells to function properly and reduce pain. In order to reach the stricken nociceptors in sufficient concentration, it needs an additional source of ‘cell food’: vitamin D.

Our patches are designed to adhere for at least 24 hours, and for all that time they are releasing vitamin D and glucose into the epidermis. Their proximity and concentration ensure that they go predominantly to the nociceptors to alleviate pain directly.

Our Research

There is currently no central resource for information on vitamin D and pain relief. We regularly review landmark studies, assess new scientific papers and contribute to the conversation on pain science.

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Thousands of people world-wide live with chronic pain. We have collected just a small selection of real-life stories of those who have had to adapt their lives around their pain, so that we can better understand how we can help them.

To this day, doctors can’t tell exactly what is wrong with me
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Daniel, 35, is a Site Manager at a construction company who lives with his wife and his four-year-old son. Two years ago, he started experiencing regular sharp pains in his lower back that have increased in frequency since. He lives with an active child who likes to play a lot, and it bothers him that he has to take regular breaks from playing football together in order to give his back a rest.

When trialling To Better Days’ active patches, Daniel was delighted to notice they were very discreet, easy to apply and painless to remove. Each day he wears a To Better Days patch he notices a marked improvement to his pain levels.

To this day, doctors can’t tell exactly what is wrong with me
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