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For many arthritis sufferers, the pain begins the moment we wake up in the morning. This can set a negative tone for the day, evoking feelings of frustration, hopelessness and isolation. There, are, however, some simple exercises that can help – and you can do them straight from the comfort of your bed!

Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises can prevent and alleviate arthritis pain and stiffness by lubricating the joints, as well as enhancing and maintaining range of motion. You can look forward to increased mobility, which will make carrying out daily tasks easier, alongside improved mood and wellbeing.

So, what does the research say? Does exercise help arthritis? One UK study conducted a randomised trial to explore the benefits of stretching and strengthening on rheumatoid arthritis of the hands and wrists. Patients were split into two groups – usual care and usual care plus an individualised exercise programme.

Usual care consisted of joint protection education, general exercise advice and functional splinting if required, while the exercise programme incorporated six sessions of strengthening and stretching exercises with a hand therapist, daily home exercises and strategies to maximise adherence. There was a statistically significant difference in favour of the exercise programme, with the results of the trial suggesting that the addition of an exercise programme is clinically effective.

Of course, you should always consult your doctor or physical therapist before attempting any new home arthritis stretches as they will be able to advise on whether the exercises are safe and appropriate. What’s more, ensure you undertake them at your own pace.


Exercises for arthritis in the hands, fingers and wrists


There are a number of simple and effective hand exercises for arthritis that can help strengthen muscles that support the hand joints, enabling you to move with less pain and discomfort. Try incorporating these into your morning routine:


Exercises for arthritis in the neck, shoulders and elbows


Wondering what relieves arthritis pain in the neck, shoulders and elbows? You may benefit from these three gentle stretching and strengthening exercises.


Exercises for arthritis in the back, hips and knees


Osteoarthritis commonly affects our weight-bearing joints. To manage the pain, check out these simple exercises for arthritis in the knees, hips and back. You may prefer to move from your bed to the floor.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic. How have these stretches helped your condition? What are your favourite arthritis exercises? Get in touch via our Facebook community page, Together For Better Days.

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