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How Do I Get Enough Vitamin D Without Burning?
Keeping your body in healthy working order can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield. On the one hand, we’re told that most people in the UK are vitamin D deficient and should go…...
Pain Management
Chronic Pain in Summer: How to Manage in the Heat
Long, hot summer days aren’t warmly received by everyone. For those of us who live with chronic pain, blue skies, humid days and sunshine may be a recipe for worsened symptoms…  If you’ve noticed worsening…...
3 Healthy Summer Recipes for Fighting Inflammation
So… the year 2020 isn’t turning out quite as we expected and summer feels sort of like it’s been cancelled on us. But when the sun comes out, there’s no denying that seasonal fresh food…...
Mental Health
Feeling SAD? We Need to Talk about Summer Depression
Blue skies, beach days and BBQs galore – summer is surely the happiest season of all. But that’s not the whole truth. Some people don’t equate sunshine and ice-cream with fun times. Instead, for sufferers…...
Personal Stories
To Better Days Story: Julie
Julie’s Chronic Pain Story Hi, my name is Julie. I grew up in Markham as the oldest of two siblings, whom I’m still very close with. Throughout my life, I’ve mostly stuck around Markham –…...
Pain and Mental Health: Is Pain All in the Mind?
Adrian recaps the scientific basis for the argument that ‘pain is all in the mind’, from Plato to Melzack and Wall....
15 Inspirational Quotes for Chronic Pain Warriors
Let’s face it: we all have down days. When you live with chronic pain, there are mornings when it feels like a Herculean effort just to get out of bed; sometimes all you want –…...
The Best Sleeping Positions for Chronic Pain Conditions
When you’re dealing with a chronic pain condition, getting good-quality sleep can seem almost impossible. But sleep is essential to overall health, as it gives your body the chance to heal and regenerate. So, what…...
Post-Op Exercises and Tips after ACL Surgery
Knee surgery can really put your fitness goals on ice – sometimes literally. If you’ve undergone ACL surgery, the wait to get back on your feet can feel seriously frustrating. However, returning to your regular…...
Pain Management
How to Deal with Chronic Pain Without Prescription Medicine
Pain medication is a necessity for many people who live with chronic conditions. If you have been experiencing pain for many years you will probably have run the gamut of pain relief drugs, from NSAIDs…...
showing 10 of 44 articles
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