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Our patches provide vitamin D directly to where it is needed, providing all its benefits and relief with speed and efficiency. Completely drug-free, easy to apply and backed by science.

Joint, nerve and
muscle patches

Available in two sizes so that you can apply them to wherever you need it the most, our large and small patches are best for chronic, joint, muscle, nerve and arthritic pain.


Our almost invisible, round migraine mini patches are perfect for your forehead, temples or wherever the pain is felt.

Fast-acting and safe

Drug-free, easy to apply and safe to use with other medications

Backed by science

Our patches work directly on the nerves using a patented combination of vitamin D and nutrients aimed at improving nerve health

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Big joint pack

Best for backs, shoulders and legs.


15 large patches

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Small joint pack

Best for knees, fingers, and ankles


15 small patches

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Migraine patches

Best for temples, forehead and neck


15 mini patches

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