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Nothing should stop you enjoying daily activities and special days out. Our easy to use patches work hard and last at least 24 hours to improve joint, muscle and nerve health.

So you can look forward to feeling good,
to being you, To Better Days.

From a clinic in New
Zealand To Better Days,

this is the story of
where it all began...

Dr John Lyftogt has been treating patients for nerve, joint and muscle ailments for over 30 years. In this time, he noted a lack of development in treatments for long-term sufferers (with the exception of opioids which can create other problems). Frustrated by the indifference shown by modern medicine, John and his physical education specialist wife Maria set out to explore new ways to help those suffering with long-term muscle, joint and nerve pain.

Using his scientific understanding of the body and connecting with medical professionals around the globe who specialize in muscle, nerve and joint pain, John developed a range of radical new treatments.

These have been used at his clinic in Christchurch as well as by a global network of doctors. John and Maria taught, and continue to teach, thousands of doctors around the world to this day.

The next step was to bring this treatment to sufferers outside of the clinic too. The patent for the topical formulation was taken out in 2010. Devastatingly, the development programme was delayed not once but twice by earthquakes at its base in Christchurch.

Yet John and Maria were resolute in continuing to help more people around the globe - to show them there is another way and to lead them To Better Days.

From Maria Lyftogt

"It has been a long journey but it’s fabulous to now have these patches finally available!

When it was first developed the product was a cream. I’m thrilled to say the patches are just as effective and so much easier-just slap on and go! They stay on while swimming, showering, overnight... I’m very impressed!"

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