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After all the alcohol, wine and champagne during the holidays, we often enter January feeling tired and dehydrated. After all, alcohol can create an inflammatory reaction in the body. That’s all the more reason to hop aboard the Dry January campaign. It encourages participants to avoid alcohol throughout the first month of the year as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Plus, it can help kick-start positive changes that keep you going all year long.

A month without a drop of alcohol may seem like a challenge, but it’s much easier with the help of a healthy, non-alcoholic liquor that you can mix into cocktails for special occasions, or sip as a relaxing concoction at the end of a long day. And luckily, you can keep them in your pantry to whip up zero-proof drinks anytime you want an alternative to alcohol.

There is a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks out there. To help make things easier, here is a list of six alcohol-free liquor brands to try this month.

1. Crossip

If you’re interested in a deep-flavoured alcohol-free spirit for Dry January, look no further than Crossip. This gluten-free beverage brand is on a mission to offer drinks that have natural botanical ingredients and offer a full sensory experience. With bundle packs containing matching mixers, heaps of tantalising serve ideas and next day delivery, making a non-alcoholic tipple at home couldn’t be easier.

You have three Crossip variants to choose from, including “Pure Hibiscus” , “Dandy Smoke” and “Fresh Citrus.” 

Key ingredients

• Eucalyptus, a plant known to help relieve pain.

• Ginger, which can relieve nausea. 

• Cayenne pepper, which has been shown to boost metabolism.

2. Seedlip

Seedlip is the brand behind “the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic beverage”.

It offers three different options: “Spice 94” (with peas and garden herbs that are good for healthy bones, muscles and joints), “Garden 108” (with healthy herbs, orange peel, and bark that contains antioxidants) and “Grove 42” (with citrus and herbs that both regulate blood sugar to heart health).

You can serve Seedlip with a hint of tonic, or mix it into a fancy alcohol-free cocktail. This alcoholic drink is also a great choice for people who are on a vegan diet or avoid allergens and sugar.

Key ingredients:

• Cascarilla plant, a Caribbean botanical that can ease indigestion.

• Citrus, which is loaded with vitamin C.

• Green cardamom, filled with cancer-fighting compounds.

3. Freestar

Freestar produces a beer that’s completely alcohol-free with a touch of citrus that refreshes you without promising a hangover in the morning.

This award-winning beer is also made with gluten-free malted barley and ingredients that are all vegan, so it won’t interfere with any New Year healthy diet plans.

Key ingredients:

• Water to keep you hydrated.

• Malted barley, which contains less than 10 ppm of gluten.

• Perle hop, a spicy and floral plant that can calm anxiety.

4. Free Spirit

Free Spirit produces alcohol-free versions of some of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world, including bourbon and gin

It’s more than just a liquor-free cocktail alternative, though. It’s a great option for special and non-alcoholic cocktail recipes like “The Maple-Bourbon Old Fashioned”, “Blueberry Mistletoe”, “Santa’s Suit” and many more.

This healthy drink contains vitamins and natural amino acids that can improve your mood, boost metabolism, increase your energy and improve your overall well-being. 

Key ingredients:

• D-Ribose, a sugar molecule that may ease chronic pain.

• Taurine, an amino acid that offers protection for the eyes.

• Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, which is a brain-boosting vitamin.

5. Glutenberg Alcohol – and Gluten-Free Beer

This Canadian brewery came up with the idea for a gluten-free, alcohol-free beer after one of its founders found out he was gluten intolerant.

The company’s line includes nine versions of regular gluten-free beer, including a non-alcoholic version, which boasts a bright golden colour, herbal and cereal notes, and a dry, sour aftertaste. 

Key ingredients:

• Millet, a whole grain rich in antioxidants.

• Buckwheat, which can reduce blood sugar.

• Corn, filled with fiber for better digestion.

6. Sea Arch

Sea Arch, which is created in England, is a non-alcoholic liquor that’s made using traditional distillation techniques. It’s vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and has ingredients that can offer health benefits.

It’s a great option for making alcohol-free cocktails, such as “Seaside Sunrise”, “Bees and Seas”, “Cucumber & Basil”, “Sea Arch Sour”,  and many other concoctions.

Key ingredients:

• Seaweed, an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

• Samphire, a succulent that can reduce inflammation.

• Blood orange, which can help support the immune system.

If you want to connect with other people who are trying Dry January, head over to our Facebook Group, Together For Better Days. It’s a great place to share holistic health tips and read the success stories of others who have tried an alcohol-free lifestyle. We are better together.

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Here’s to being on the move, having more ‘get up and go’ and a feeling of freedom. Here’s To Better Days.
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