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Emma is a mum and a business owner working from home who experiences regular migraines with aura. Her episodes vary in length and severity often making it difficult for her to work. After trying many various medications and remedies, Emma gave our Migraine Support Patches a go. Read her story below to find out how much of a difference they made to her.


A little about me


So, I’m Emma Divine and I run my own business from home working as a psychic medium. I’m also mum to my daughter and never seem to have five minutes! It’s all non-stop right?! I work on the computer all day long, so my eyes are constantly strained and staring at small writing. Even with my glasses I still sometimes find myself squinting!


My migraine symptoms


The biggest pain apart from the actual migraine pain is when I suffer from migraine aura. It ranges from big black splodges in my vision, usually one eye, to sparkles, flashes and cow-like prints all over what I’m looking at. I often find myself almost trying to see around them as if they’re physically in front of my face!

The migraine pain is another story. Just wow! Sometimes it’s mild and other times it feels like my head has been hit a few hundred times. Either way, I need relief. I can’t afford to take time off work for migraines because they’re so frequent I’d never get anything done. I get nauseous too and found all that helps that is salt and vinegar crisps! For the pain though, paracetamol can sometimes help if I take it before the pain begins. ‘Sometimes’ is the word to focus on!




Over the years I’ve tried to identify what causes my migraines and I believe that bright light and hormones are the triggers for me, as the attacks seem to happen in certain parts of my cycle. Lack of sleep doesn’t help either!


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How To Better Days Migraine Support Patches helped me


So far, I’ve tried oils, pressure points, reflexology and of course pain killers and more but nothing does the trick.

It was my mum who came across To Better Days and when she told me about them I got excited at the thought of trying something new to potentially help these crippling pains.

Well, was I amazed!? I put the first little patch on, in the middle of my forehead and within about 15 minutes the pain disappeared! What?! Nothing has ever done that before!

My migraines have no typical pattern as to how long they last, they’ve been known to go from a day up to three weeks at its worst. So not only did the To Better Days patches help the pain but they decreased the length of the migraine too! With these patches, the longest the migraine has lasted has been 15 minutes to a maximum of one day. I still will get the eye symptoms that stay around, but of course, that’s neurological.

These patches have, and I’m not being dramatic here, changed my life. I was actually devastated when my first pack ran out! I am so thrilled to have found these guys; it’s honestly been a godsend. I’m so happy to say I have another two packs of Migraine Support Patches, so I’m all prepared for the next episode. I don’t dread them now because now I have something that genuinely works. Thanks To Better Days, you’re incredible!


Would you like to try To Better Days Migraine Support Patches?


If you would like to give our natural patches a go, you can find them in our shop by clicking here. We recommend applying up to 2 patches on the onset of symptoms in the area of the source of pain such as temples, forehead, neck or behind the ears. You can wear the patches for up to 8 hours. Their only ingredients are vitamin D and ginger, lavender and chamomile extracts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team here.


Migraine patches with vitamin D

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