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Podcasts can be valuable for people managing chronic pain – easily digestible and perfect for listening anytime, anywhere! Many of us have got into listening to them this year – if you haven’t, hopefully, one we have listed below can start you on your podcast journey.

Hosted by people who live with chronic pain, podcasts are a great source for information, tips, support and to provide some much-needed humour – after all, we know laughing is one of the best forms of medicines! 

We have looked far and wide for the most engaging podcasts covering humour, relationships and wellbeing. Many are based around interviews, from both medical professionals or stories of chronic pain patients, so there’s lots to learn about and be inspired by.  We hope no matter what your interest is, there is a podcast listed below for you that you enjoy and can take something useful from. 

Our pick of the best Humorous Chronic Pain Podcasts

The first group of podcasts has been chosen as they offer inspirational messages through humorous means. Laughter is so important and has been known to even decrease pain intensity. This was highlighted by Hindawi in their study, on relieving chronic pain and enhancing happiness. They found laughter led to pleasurable feelings and a release of endorphins to the brain, which reduce pain and boost pleasure, resulting in a feeling of well-being. 

Ready to have a giggle? Check out the humorous podcasts below! 

This Is Not What I Ordered

This is not what I ordered is a podcast by San Francisco psychotherapist and podcast host, Lauren Selfridge. The host conducts honest, humorous, and inspiring conversations with people to understand what it’s like to live with long term pain.

“Chronic illness and other health challenges can be a real bummer but they don’t have to be the end of joy and fulfilment. It turns out we can still have epic lives, even when our bodies have plans of their own.” Lauren Selfridge – Host of this is not what I ordered.

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Invisible, Not Broken 

With a roundtable of hosts, listeners of ‘Invisible not Broken’ can enjoy an interesting take on chronic illness and disability topics. Each episode is sure to include some witty banter, some snark, some laughs and some tough truths.

“The podcast network that speaks to people with chronic illness, invisible illness, disability, and chronic pain. Be Kind. Be Gentle. Be A Bad Ass.” – Monica Michelle and Eva Minkoff – Invisible, not broken hosts. 

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Our pick of the best podcasts for Chronic Pain and Relationships 

Do you feel like chronic pain has affected your relationships or dating life? Our next pick of podcasts takes a refreshing approach to the topic helping to remove the stigma around chronic pain, relationships and dating.

Spooning with Spoonies

Spooning with Spoonies provides the opportunity to laugh at your dating mishaps, ask “taboo” questions, and realise your personal strengths. Hosted by Noa, a spoonie in her twenties, navigating the daunting world of dating and relationships. 

“Welcome to Spooning with Spoonies, an unfiltered interview-style podcast exploring dating and relationships with chronic illness and disability! Noa Porten will be sitting down with other spoonies and relationship experts to examine themes such as self-acceptance, communication, guilt, boundaries, caregiving, independence, playfulness, intimacy and more!” Spooning with Spoonies Facebook Page

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Chronic Sex Podcast 

Chronic Sex opens-up frank discussions and about how quality of life is affected by chronic illness, specifically focusing on self-love, self-care, relationships, sexuality, and sex itself. Started by Kirsten Schultz of Not Standing Still’s Disease, Kirsten realised how little was known or talked about with regards to sexuality and illness.

“The podcast talks about how self-love, relationships, sex, and sexuality are all affected by chronic illness and disability. That’s not all though. We’ll also touch on intersectionality, social justice, empathy, current events, and much, much more. Given the range of subject matter, this podcast is not suitable for those under the age of 18.” Kirsten Schultz – Chronic Sex Podcast Host 

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Our pick of the best podcasts for Chronic Pain and Mental Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing are inexplicably linked when it comes to chronic pain. Studies have even found significant overlaps in stress increasing pain and visa versa – we wrote an article about this here, if you’re interested in finding out more. These podcasts offer you resources, tools, and stories to help your wellbeing journey be a positive one. 

Chronic Wellness 

Annette Leonard was diagnosed with chronic illness at the age of 36. She struggled to maintain connections, was hungry for meaning and longed to make sense of what was happening. So, in, 2019 started her blog and podcast to help herself as well as others. 

“I’m Annette Leonard, speaker, coach, and a sick person who believes that my illnesses do not define me. If health is the absence of disease and wellness is the presence of wholeness, then no matter what your disease status, we can work toward your wellness, your wholeness. Whether you are a person experiencing chronic illness or someone who loves or serves people with chronic illness, I have great resources to share with you here on this channel.” Annette Leonard – Host of Chronic Wellness

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The Painiac podcast explores important topics such as managing expectations, asking for help, confidence, and self-care! It features inspiring interviews with people from all across the world who are living with pain and still thriving.

I started PAINIAC the Podcast because I am committed to changing the landscape of chronic pain. In my own experience I noticed how, as a chronic pain sufferer, options for help and support are limited. I recall being ignored by doctors or handed aggressive and addictive pain killers that just made me feel sick, disconnected, and just not “me”. I joined support groups but observed that instead of lifting me up it just made me feel worse. I got tired of talking about feeling better; I just wanted to be better, already!” Shelly Jackson – Painiac Podcast Host 

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Chronically Chilled

Chronically Chilled is a podcast hosted on the 3CR community radio, a media space enabling progressive communities to voice ideas and challenge topics for social change. Millie Baylis, Naomi Chainey and Marijo Pozega are the hosts and all experience chronic illness. They discuss topics like the intersection between physical and mental health, grief and being young with an invisible illness. 

“A show that facilitates discussion and explores topics about chronic illness, disability and mental health.” 3CR radio. 

Listen to Chronically Chilled 

We hope these podcasts can be a valuable tool for those experiencing chronic pain. Is there one you enjoy that we have missed? Let us know on our community Facebook group – you could be the one to introduce someone to their next favourite podcast! The link is here if you would like to join. Our community provides a place for people living with chronic pain to get support, tips, advice and support. We are better, together.

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