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Keeping track of your habits and symptoms of arthritis might seem like an obvious thing to do, but how many of us actually do it? 

Tracking your activities, diet and symptoms allows you to understand your condition. When a flare-up happens, looking back at your notes can help to identify a trigger. For example, after noticing an increased level of pain, going through what you wrote can help to remember whether you ate more inflammatory foods, such as fried or sugary dishes than usual. 

Monitoring your pain can make it easier to observe whether your condition is progressing or worsening. Knowing exactly when the pain level started to fluctuate can also be a good indicator of whether your medication is working. Tracking your habits and symptoms can give a sense of control over arthritis and empower you to make more positive lifestyle changes.


How should I start tracking my arthritis?


You can choose to start your diary the traditional way, with the humble pen and paper. But thanks to smartphones, there are plenty of arthritis tracking apps out there that can offer some useful functionalities the old-school notebook lacks. For example, easier and more visual ways of presenting your data, allowing you to notice patterns between your habits and symptoms. Additionally, apps can send you daily reminders to log the information, which is very useful for improving the consistency of your digital journaling. especially when experiencing brain fog!


The best free apps for tracking the symptoms of arthritis


Choosing the right one app can be challenging, especially with “freemium” features so many options being available! That’s why we’ve decided to create a list of the 5 best free apps for arthritis. All of our choices are free (with no in-app purchases) and approved by ORCHA, a company responsible for reviewing digital products for organisations such as NHS and MHRA


Rheumabuddy – easy to use symptoms tracker


Rheumabuddy is an app designed specifically for people with arthritis or other rheumatic conditions. It is a great tool to document your wellbeing and symptoms and join a community. Rheumabuddy is the perfect balance between simple design and advanced tracking.


We recommend Rheumabuddy to people who want to focus mostly on tracking their symptoms and mood, but don’t want to spend too much time using the app and wish to receive a general overview, rather than complex data.


Rheumabuddy app



RA Monitor – advanced symptoms tracker


Similarly to Rheumabuddy, RA Monitor tracks and monitors your daily arthritis symptoms and treatment. It also allows you to connect with the community by using an in-app forum.


RA Monitor provides a more complex journaling option for people who are willing to put their time into logging symptoms. The app offers an insightful and detailed overview of your data using 5 graphs for tracking the changes in your body, hands, feet, function and mood.

RA Monitor App



Vim Pain Management – set wellbeing goals and access live workshops


This app from Arthritis Foundation, offers personalized mindfulness activities, exercises, diet recommendations, sleep tools, treatment optimisation and more. Vim Pain Management is not only dedicated to those of us with arthritis but also to people with conditions such as migraines or lupus.

Please note: the app asks for a US zip code (which you can easily find online) to log in.


Vim Pain Management is the perfect app for people who want to take action, learn new things and change their lifestyle. However,  it offers a limited symptom analysis, so using it as a complementary app to a more advanced symptom tracker (such as Rheumabuddy) can be a good idea!

Vim app



My Arthritis – educate yourself by taking in-app courses


This app has been created in collaboration with leading specialists at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the British National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS). My Arthritis will allow you to understand your condition and engage in improving your health and lifestyle through interactive tools.


My arthritis is a great resource and we strongly recommend it for those who want to educate themselves and do useful courses in the comfort of their home. The data analysis options give you a good overview but are not as detailed as those of Rheumabuddy or RA Monitor.

My Arthritis app



Arthritis Tracker – understand your condition and become a part of the community


Arthritis Tracker is an app by Versus Arthritis, aimed at people aged 13 to 25. It helps young people to manage symptoms, communicate with healthcare professionals and become a part of the community.


Arthritis Tracker is best suited for young people who value easy design and want to meet peers with similar conditions. It’s a great option for starting the journey of tracking your symptoms and wellbeing!

Arthritis tracker app



Ready to choose your app?


All you need to do now is go to your app store and download your chosen app! If you are still not sure, download a few and test them. That should allow you to find out which one suits you best. Let us know in the comments if the article was useful and what your favourite app is!

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