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Many times, we can recognise our joint discomfort getting worse during seasonal change, but it’s important to know that there are steps that can be taken to limit this pain. We’ve compiled a small guide of four practical things you can do to help manage chronic pain in cold weather and curb those seasonal symptoms. 

1: Keep Active 

With conditions like chronic Arthritis, our muscles stiffen when the weather gets colder, making it more difficult to move. We know that sometimes chronic pain conditions can make it challenging to stay active, and energy levels and mood will change day to day, affecting your motivation. It is important to start slow and choose what’s right for you.

Versus Arthritis suggests to stay motivated, it’s essential to:

Being active outside where possible has even more benefits as getting plenty of natural light can improve mental health. Remember to warm up your joints and muscles before going out in colder temperatures. Take a look at our blog: 5 Forms of Low-Impact Exercise to Keep Your Body Healthy to find some useful exercises to stay active that won’t put such a strain on your joints. 

2: Stay Warm 

Remember to listen to your body; it works even harder to stay warm as the seasons get colder, which can make us tire more easily and be sensitive to aches and pains. Here are some steps to keep warm:

3: To Better Days Patches 

Our active patches are a great alternative for people with chronic pain. Our easy to use adhesive patches contain a patented combination of vitamin D and dextrose to offer a topical and targeted option that supports the health of joints, muscles and nerves. Simply apply the patch directly to the source of discomfort for relief within hours.

The patches have the added benefit of allowing vitamin D and dextrose, a sugar medically known to reduce nerve pain, to target the affected area directly. Small patches are the perfect fit for those with seasonal joint pain in areas such as ankles, knees wrists. Large patches are just the right size for backs, shoulders, lower legs and thighs. We also have a trial pack available containing three large patches and six small patches, perfect for first-timers. 

4: Stay Hydrated 

Most of us are aware of the general benefits of drinking water – preventing kidney infections, keeping skin healthy, supporting the immune system and just keeping us going. What most of us aren’t aware of is how water can directly impact joint pain. 

The NHS recommends that we drink six to -eight glasses of water a day. But are we actually drinking enough? For some six to -eight glasses of plain old water seems excessive – to increase your liquid intake try: 

Dehydration puts unnecessary stress on your joints. There is also evidence from The College of Health that a lack of hydration may make you more sensitive to pain. Drinking liquids regularly ensures that there is enough lubricant in your joints – so that your joint tissue can operate at peak performance. 

We hope one (or more!) of our suggestions can be useful for you to ease those worsening pain symptoms. We have launched our new Facebook group which you can find here – a community for those of us suffering from chronic pain to share our experiences and tips on pain management. Let’s start the conversation. We are better together.  

Please always consult your doctor if you notice unexpected changes in your pain level or physical condition. 

To Better Days has a range of active patches that help those experiencing sustained discomfort. Our easy to use adhesive patches contain a patented combination of vitamin D and dextrose to offer a topical and targeted option that supports the health of joints, muscles and nerves.


Here’s to being on the move, having more ‘get up and go’ and a feeling of freedom. Here’s To Better Days.


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